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Ground Support Equipment Operator

Abu Dhabi, UAE Posted 2017/11/22 07:51:06 Ref: JB3746247

Job Description

This post reports to; Ramp & Equipment Service Engineer

Job Purpose

Responsible for working as an individual or as part of a team to safely undertake all manual and technical ground handling activities, and the providing, driving & operating of diverse technical equipment for which he is qualified and licensed.

Providing ground services to Royal Jet and visiting business jet flights as per the request received from the appropriate allocator/team leader/supervisor.

To ensure a thorough inspection is carried on all Ground Service equipment in terms of Serviceability, Cleanliness and Safety and to report to Supervisor with any concerns.

To ensure all safety standards are adhered to whilst performing or operating and tasks/equipment assigned.

Multitask and undertake any additional activities to achieve the department objectives which may include but is not limited to positioning of chocks, cones, marshaling, handling dead-load, aircraft washing and monitoring, refueling & operating all equipment for which qualified and licensed.

Duties and Responsibilities

- Ensure the serviceability of GS Equipment prior positioning it onto the aircraft.

- Arrange the required equipment at the staging area prior to the arrival / departure of the aircraft.

- Provide and Operate GPU, ASU, ACU for aircraft ground operation as requested.

- Provide and Operate Water & Toilet Servicing as per the SOP and according to the customer’s standing instructions.

- To provide and operate step for access to aircraft.

- Operate aircraft cargo hold doors and loading / offloading cargo.

- Perform Flight Deck – Ground communication via headset as per SOP.

- Perform Pushback / Towing and wing tip walking and signaling as necessary.

- Communicate with Supervisor in regards to equipment utilization times in order to accurately record details for invoicing purposes.

- To positioned Multipurpose High lift for Aircraft Cabin Configuration Change.

- To provide access to vertical fin for flag installation or other maintenance requirement for parties that require vertical high access to the aircraft.

- To position spare Aircraft seats from storage to the aircraft either from ADAT or ADA store.

- To transport Aircraft wheels from PF to RJ and vice versa.

- To replace nitrogen and oxygen bottle from the cart by sending it to PF for bottle replacement.

- To install Aircraft Jet engine covers prior to aircraft washing.

- To provide access door opening/closing to aircraft for stakeholders that require access to the aircraft.

- To schedule and perform aircraft movement during prolonged stay as to ensure aircraft wheels durability and safety.

- To perform cleaning activities of cockpit windshield as well as passenger windows

- To prepare appropriate handover / takeover of both equipment and aircrafts during shift changeover.

- Coordinating with FBO in the case of additional requirements or ground support from ADAC or other support services.

- Position aircraft wheel chocks and safety cones and connect the GS Equipment.

- Perform all Service to the aircraft as per the SOP while exercising all the safety regulations and procedures.

- Perform Safety Checks on all GS equipment on daily basis in addition to SOP, prior to positioning the required GSE to the aircraft.

- Operate emergency evacuation system and remove the equipment in case of equipment malfunction

- F.O.D. Checks conducted daily as well as prior to aircraft arrival/departure. Any findings shall be reported to supervisor immediately.

- To dispose of and handle aircraft waste fluids such as fuel, oils & hydraulic.

- Inspection of safety equipment like fire extinguishers for expiry dates placed in the ramp.

- Responsibility of the safety of the aircraft parked in the ramp for proper chocking during sand storm and bad weather conditions.


Formal Education Required: Completion of High School with courses in Mathematics or General Sciences. Preferably holds Diploma in Aviation or Business Administration.

- Must hold a valid UAE driving license.

- Hold Airport Driving Permit/license from a recognized airport

- Basic knowledge of different type of aircraft

- Working experience (minimum 3 years) in an airport environment of which three months should have been in Ramp / apron driving.

Job Details

Job Location Abu Dhabi, UAE
Job Role Other
Joining Date 2018-03-01
Employment Status Full time
Employment Type Employee
Number of Vacancies 4

Preferred Candidate

Career Level Mid Career
Years of Experience Min: 3 Max: 20
Degree High school or equivalent

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